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Speed water system

"SPEED WATER" has a unique crisp taste different from general distilled water products because of the balanced quality minerals included in "SPEED WATER".

The Sri Lanka  is internationally recognized as being home to some of the world's finest tropical beaches, reefs and bio-diverse rainforests - truly an unspoilt natural paradise. It is also home to one of the finest natural artesian mineral waters in the world.

Our water's journey begins deep in the remote rainforests of Sri Lanka , a long way from any environmental pollution. For many centuries the tropical rain water has been filtered through layers of mineral rich volcanic rocks and sands, through to a vast underground aquifer. During this process the water becomes enriched with health stabilizing mineral properties, which give it a very special smooth, soft and refreshing taste.

Speed Water  consider our water's superior taste to be the reason why the brand is fast becoming so well recognized. 

Water is Nature's life support, and it is our duty as leaders in the bottled water industry to help protect this vital natural resource for many years to come. We therefore only extract water from our aquifer well within a sustainable level, and are already going Eco-friendly.

Speed water system is  one of  the most versatile bottled water companies in Sri Lanka which has achieved SLS accreditation within a year of operations, Awarded Prestigious HACCP (ISO 22000). The Company has accredition from Indian Water Association (IWA)

Speed Water is a subsidiary Company of Sritrims(Fast East) Ltd,which is a registered company in Honkong.
The local bottling plant is situated at Galagedara,Padukka. It assures well protected underground sources, Free from impurities hygienically  tested and using.”REVERSE OSMOSIS” system which is at the cutting edge of technology. Speed water system is proud of It’s local and international standards.
Based on client requirements Speed water  is economically affordable for it’s user. There are a variety of  water dispensor models, to suite for any requirement.


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